Aberdeen Minerals has been working with local landowners since 2018 and currently has a first-mover advantage with strong relationships with key landowners – Aurum Exploration Services, which is engaged as Aberdeen Minerals’ lead technical advisor, has experience in working in the area since 2004.

Aberdeen Minerals has entered into landowner access and exploration agreements across its principal target areas in North East Scotland covering approximately 18,400 acres (74 square kilometres).

  • Base metal mineral rights in the UK vest in the freehold landholder (unless severed), not the Crown
  • Establishing an exploration package of scale requires on the ground co-operation with landowners
  • Exploration and access agreements secured with landholders over 18,400 acres (74km2) to date & growing
  • Gentle topography, moderate climate, and open to year-round exploration work
  • Excellent infrastructure – national roads, grid power and deep-water port
  • Skilled workforce – Aberdeen’s offshore industry
  • Supportive local and national government
  • Aberdeenshire Local Development Plan identifies the Arthrath deposit as a “safeguarded site” whereby other forms of development are discouraged to prevent mineral resources being sterilized
  • A number of operating mines in Scotland: Cononish gold mine, Tyndrum; Foss barite mine, Perthshire; quartz sand mine at Lochaline & other substantial quarrying activities including many in the North East
  • Active & coordinated consultation via industry body UK Critical Minerals Association (AML a member)