Aberdeen Minerals has been working with local landowners since 2018 and currently has a first-mover advantage with strong relationships with key landowners – Aurum Exploration Services, which is engaged as Aberdeen Minerals’ technical advisor, has experience in working in the area since 2004.


  • Secured landowner access and exploration agreements across its principal target areas in North East Scotland covering approximately 7,400 hectares.
  • A district-scale heliborne electromagnetic geophysical survey (SkyTEM) in September 2022 delivered proprietary vectoring data and provides unique visibility on structure and potential feeder zones.
  • Drilling at the Arthrath Project has confirmed a large sulphide system and included breakthrough intercepts of massive sulphide mineralisation.
  • Positive mineralogy results indicate that all nickel, cobalt and copper are in sulphide mineral forms readily amenable to froth flotation processing.


  • Base metal mineral rights in the UK vest in the freehold landholder (unless severed), not the Crown
  • Establishing an exploration package of scale requires on the ground co-operation with landowners
  • Exploration and access agreements secured with landholders over 7,400 hectares (74km2) to date & growing
  • Gentle topography, moderate climate, and open to year-round exploration work
  • Excellent infrastructure – national roads, grid power and deep-water port
  • Skilled workforce – Aberdeen’s offshore industry
  • Supportive local and national government
  • Aberdeenshire Local Development Plan identifies the Arthrath deposit as a “safeguarded site” whereby other forms of development are discouraged to prevent mineral resources being sterilised
  • Active extractive industry in Scotland: Cononish gold mine, Tyndrum; Foss & Duntanlich barite mines, Perthshire; quartz sand mine at Lochaline & other substantial quarrying activities including many in the North East
  • Coordinated policy consultation via industry body Critical Minerals Association