The goal of our business is to create benefit for shareholders, communities and employees through the discovery and responsible development of mineral deposits capable of producing domestic supplies of metals essential to the energy transition in Scotland and the UK. Local mineral production and processing can be a more strategically, environmentally and socially viable alternative to the country's current economic dependence on overseas raw material supply chains.

Our strategy to achieve our goal includes four key areas: Excellence in Exploration, Innovation, Partnerships and Sustainability.

Excellence in Exploration. Our exploration work programmes are led by skilled and experienced exploration geologists, supported by leading global industry consultants. We apply the latest exploration technologies and mineral deposit research to generate new opportunities in underexplored, prospective geological environments. Operational excellence and quality assurance are embedded in our exploration operations. Our work is performed to meet the international reporting standards required by the JORC Code (2012).

Innovation. Effective exploration using the latest deposit models requires a different targeting approach and more detailed data than was achieved in the past. Therefore we are applying the latest exploration technologies, such as SkyTEM’s airborne geophysical survey, to look deeper and with more granularity into the subsurface. We are also investigating innovative mineral processing routes, so that any future mineral products from our project can be refined into the raw materials required by UK manufacturing in a way that is more sustainable and socially acceptable than current overseas supply chains. This work has received grant funding from the UK Government's Automotive Transformation Fund (more info).

Partnerships. Our business model relies on developing strong partnerships with farmers and landowners as the mineral owners. As our projects advance we will increase our engagement with communities, stakeholder groups, and local and national governments, in a way that is proportionate and manages expectations. We have a growing number of links and partnerships with universities and research organisations, and we promote the interests of our business through several member organisations (more info).

Sustainability. Earning consent for current and future activities requires adopting sustainability best practices across our business. Our approach to this is described here.