Securing Scotland's Electric Future

Nickel, Copper, Cobalt, PGM's - in North East Scotland Securing raw materials for the decarbonisation of the UK

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A First Mover in Ni-Cu-Co Exploration

Our Mission is to help the United Kingdom locally source clean, zero carbon supplies of the battery raw materials necessary to achieve its green industrial goals to deliver a zero emissions transportation sector by 2035.

Aberdeen Minerals Limited is a privately owned mineral exploration company currently engaged in battery raw material mineral exploration in North East Scotland. We are focused on working co-operatively with all local stakeholders and ensuring we are first class operators with a focus on maintaining the highest standards and adhering to sound ESG principles.

North East Scotland is a highly prospective magmatic intrusive geological setting with identified nickel-copper-cobalt-platinum group metal sulphide mineralization and the potential to host a district scale cluster of economic deposits in a 10,000 square km area. Aberdeen Minerals is focused on using cutting edge exploration technologies to discover and define economic orebodies and has secured exploration agreements with a package of landowners over the areas it considers most prospective.


Board & Management

Patrick Murphy

Director & Chairman

Thomas Todd


Drew Craig

General Manager

Wilson Robb

Project Lead – Aurum Exploration

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