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Aberdeen Minerals is a privately held, UK registered business investing in mineral exploration for bedrock deposits of nickel, copper and cobalt in North East Scotland.

Global demand for these metals is forecast to soar in coming years as economies transition away from fossil fuel based energy and transportation systems towards mass adoption of metal-intensive technologies such as renewables and electric vehicles.

The development of domestic resources of these raw materials will create more resilient and responsible supply chains for the industries essential to an energy transition in Scotland and the UK, and reduce the current total dependence on overseas production.

We have partnered with landowners in Aberdeenshire to explore for minerals through exclusive access and exploration agreements covering over 7,500 hectares (75 square kilometres).

The geology of North East Scotland is very favourable for the types of mineral deposit we seek, being comparable to productive global nickel belts, yet the region is remarkably under-explored using modern methods.

Our focus is centred on the Arthrath Nickel-Copper-Cobalt Project, which contains the largest nickel deposit in the UK, and the surrounding district. Our drilling and geophysics programmes show evidence for scalable critical mineral discoveries with the potential to support the country's manufacturing supply chains.

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